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The Collectors' Auction - 2014
Friday, October 17, 2014
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Lot #DescriptionHigh Bid
1 Miscellaneous Currency
1773 Fourteen Shilling, Lighthouse Scene, Fine.
Bradford Pear Collection. An informative card accompanies the 14-shilling note, with both encapsulated in a premium quality acrylic holder that protects them nicely. Fine or better quality in our...
2 Miscellaneous Currency
State of Missouri $1000 1853 issue bond signed by Sterling Price
Tush Acreage Estate. Sterling Price was Governor of the State of Missouri at the time he signed this bond. Price later became a Confederate general, perhaps as a result of his upbringing in...
3 Miscellaneous Currency
Three Obsolete Banknotes certified by PCGS, as described.
These probably offer value about equal to each other in this trio of obsolete Southern notes. First is Ocee Bank, Cleveland, TN $1(PCGS 58), an ABNCo proof that has been neatly hole-punch cancelled. ...
4 Miscellaneous Currency
Missouri Territorial - Ste Genevieve $3 signed by Auguste Chouteau.
Kibitz Kollection. Marie-Therese Bourgeois married French immigrant Rene Chouteau in 1848 and bore him their only child, a son named Auguste, perhaps a year or so later. Chouteau was said to have...
5 Miscellaneous Currency
Uncut sheet of Obsoletes, PMG Superb GemCU-67 EPQ.
Brock Megran Collection. Absolutely incredible eye-appeal stems from fine, near-immaculate creme paper quality that displays scarcely any evidence of toning or age upon the notes themselves. All are...
6 Miscellaneous Currency
Uncut sheet of Obsoletes, PMG GemCU-66 EPQ.
Brock Megran Collection. Huge margins add to the eye-appeal (and probably the grade) of this "remainder" sheet of uncut obsolete notes that "promise to pay James Monroe" $1, $2, $3, and $5...
7 Miscellaneous Currency
Uncut sheet of Obsoletes, PMG GemCU-65 EPQ.
Brock Megran Collection. An intriguing group of obsolete notes, listed as a "remainder" by PMG since only $1, $2, $3, and $5 denominations remain. As an echo of great names in American history, the...
8 Military Payment Certificate
Series 481 .05 Replacement Military Payment Certificate PCGS AU-58/ink on face.
Series 418 5-cent replacement MPC. What essentially appears to be a ChCU note has to drop into the AU level due to writing in the very top margin (which proves it "circulated"). An extremely scarce...
9 U.S. Note Legal Tender
1862 $5 PCGS F-12/edge and internal tears/repairs.
Fr# 61a. "Repairs" as it pertains to the PCGS "F-12 apparent" grade doesn't really have any obvious meaning, as the small splits and internal pinholes still show plainly. This is a situation where...
10 U.S. Note Legal Tender
1869 $1 PCGS VF-20.
Fr# 18. Fewer folds than expected allow for the VF grade, and the ink still shows a little vibrancy with pleasantly saturated green and cardinal red. Fair eye-appeal for the type.
11 U.S. Note Legal Tender
1869 $20 PCGS Good-4.
Fr# 127. Even at the humble PCGS G-4 grade, this 1869 rainbow note commands strong interest due to its scarcity. Despite the heavy wear, the note remains intact in defiance of numerous internal...
12 U.S. Note Legal Tender
1875 $2 AU.
Fr# 47. A light, bright 1875 $2 legal tender is tough to find in any grade and should prove attractive to the serious type collector. A couple of corners show light folds, and that advocates the AU...
13 U.S. Note Legal Tender
1880 $5 Large Seal Red Numbers PMG AU-58.
Fr# 71. Even if this were a fully CU note, a thin bottom margin would keep it out of the choice levels, but PMG suggest faint handling with their AU-58 grade, rendering the point moot. But, where oh...
14 U.S. Note Legal Tender
1880 $5 Small Seal PMG CHCU-63/great embossing.
Fr# 80. PMG notes "great embossing" on the back of the holder, but we'd be tempted to note excellent paper quality as well, given the pleasing brilliance and lovely ink. A beautiful woodchopper with...
15 U.S. Note Legal Tender
1880 $20 Small Seal Blue Numbers F.
Bradford Pear Collection. Fr# 143. Strictly original, unmolested quality shows very obviously for this modestly wavy note. Some soiling shows at the primary vertical folds as viewed from either...
16 U.S. Note Legal Tender
1901 $10 VF.
Fr# 121. Hovering between VF and extremely-fine, the note shows no real creases, but does display a bit of waviness throughout. Pleasing original paper quality for this 1901 bison note, and...
17 U.S. Note Legal Tender
1907 $5 Star PCGS F-15/small edge splits/stains.
Fr# 91 Star. A scarce woodchopper star note in "Fine apparent" grade according to PCGS, the note shows heavy wear and a small split at the top center. Light soiling is hardly unexpected of the grade...
18 U.S. Note Legal Tender
1907 $5 PCBLIC error AU.
Fr# 91. A scarce 1907 woodchopper, this one shows the famous "PCBLIC" error on the back. The note appears fully UNC at first glance, but a fold at the bottom right corner bestows an AU evaluation.
19 U.S. Note Legal Tender
1907 $5 PCGS AU-58.
Fr# 91. Hands-down, the appearance is that of a blazing CU, since any existing fold(s) cannot be seen "through the plastic" -- unless the extreme bottom right corner shows a tiny crease. Rather...
20 U.S. Note Legal Tender
1923 $1 XF.
Fr# 40. Quite nice for XF with ivory-white paper and pleasing ink. Well-centered and a great choice for type at a modestly circulated level.
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