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Commitment Statement
We at Scotsman Auction Company understand that the decision to part with selected pieces, or your entire collection, is a serious one, but we also realize that the process of selling can be both enjoyable and rewarding. Our commitment is to provide you with the distinguished expertise, unparalleled experience, and vast market knowledge needed to allow your collection to reach its maximum potential. The professionals at Scotsman Auction Company will take all necessary steps to make the sale of your collection a most rewarding experience by acting as your professional advisors throughout the entire process.

Putting the Wheels in Motion
Once you have made the decision that you would like to sell, the first step is to contact our consignment department. Together, we will discuss your items and your goals. These items will then be appraised by one of our experts. After this evaluation is completed, we will present our recommendation for the best course of action to undertake that offers the most advantages for reaching your objectives.

Auction vs. Outright Sale
Scotsman proudly provides sellers with both options in order that you can take advantage of the benefits of each. As a general rule, items of higher value are best suited for an auction event, while it is often smarter to sell generic, common-in-grade material outright. We will assist you in making this decision.

Outright Sale
Selling outright is quite simple, and merely involves us personally inspecting every item in your collection, and then placing our offer to purchase these pieces. With this information, you can then decide to sell your entire collection, or just certain portions. Once your decision has been made, we will pay you immediately by your preferred payment method - in cash, by check, in trade, in gold, or in various proportions of these.

Selling at Auction
There may be no more rewarding or exciting selling venue than selling at a live public auction, specifically a Scotsman auction. The bidders attend for a reason, to buy rare coins and paper money, and aggressively bid against each other for items they need for their collection or inventory. Scotsman Action Co. gives them the opportunity to view numerous quantities of collectibles at one central location, and at their convenience. They receive deluxe printed catalogues in the mail, can view professional color images and bid online, and also have the opportunity to attend lot viewing at various times, either in our store, or the viewing area at the auction location in the days leading up to the sale. All of these "additional advantages" means higher prices realized and more money for you!

Speedy Settlement
If you are concerned about a speedy settlement, Scotsman's offer favorable advancements, and pays consignors just 30 days after the sale. Plus, our minimum price guarantee assures you will receive no less than our "Selling Outright" offers. In essence, we completely take away any downside to an auction event, which is being charged a seller's commission for an unsold lot. You will be more than impressed with our favorable consignment terms, and even more impressed with the service we provide you and the results we deliver. At Scotsman, we are professionals, and we take the business of auctioning your collectibles very seriously.

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