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The Collectors' Auction - 2014
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Please Note: A 15% Buyers' Premium is added to the hammer price of all lots in this sale.

(About The Images)
1917 Type 1, 1928-D, and 1929-D, as described. 1917 Type 1, 1928-D, and 1929-D, as described.
Lot Title: 1917 Type 1, 1928-D, and 1929-D, as described.
Description: Exceptional detail characterizes the best aspect for the 1917 type-1, although light hairlines suggest MS-60 FH as the proper grade. 1928-D exhibits sharpness close to that same designation, though minor abrasions and fine, brief hairlines keep the grade at AU-58. Finally, 1929-D deserves accolades for at least MS-63, and though not really close to full head definition, at least it is not an infamous "scoop head" example. Three coin lot.

This lot may contain an item not certified by ANACS, PCGS, or NGC. While Scotsman Auction Co. is typically conservative in our descriptions of items not certified by one of these companies, we cannot guarantee our grading estimation will match their grade. We highly recommend that collectors seeking items certified by a third-party grading service only bid on items that have already been certified. No lot can be returned because of a variance in judgment with regards to grade.

Low Estimate: $370.00
High Estimate: $450.00
Lot Status: Bidding has been closed for this lot.
Hammered Price: $370.00
Price Realized: $425.50
1917 Type 1, 1928-D, and 1929-D, as described.
1917 Type 1, 1928-D, and 1929-D, as described.

Price history for items of the same classification:
Lot #AuctionCurrent Bid or Hammer PriceDescription
470The Collectors' Auction - 2014 on 10/17/2014$550.00
1917 Type 1 PCGS MS-64FH.
MCA Set. Softly subdued matte texture brings out the classic appearance for a "type one" quarter, and a few sprigs of royal grey splash into some of the protected areas of the obverse. The reverse...
605The Midwest Summer Sale 2014 on 07/18/2014$450.00
1917 Type 1. NGC MS-64 FH.
Crimson-beige patina gathers density toward the rim, but does not detract at all from underlying vibrancy. Precisely struck as usual, the grade likely deviates from gem consideration due to mundane...
606The Midwest Summer Sale 2014 on 07/18/2014$525.00
1917 Type 1. NGC MS-64+ FH.
TCN Set. Astounding star-white brilliance simply erupts from either side, shimmering with unceasingly bright mint frost that carries fine matte texture over all the devices and through the fields. A...
664The Collectors' Auction 2013 on 10/18/2013$340.00
1917 Type 1 NGC MS-63 FH.
Marshmallow Collection. Luster may be slightly subdued overall, but this is a rather frosty coin underneath crumbles of fragile olive-honey toning. A handful of small reed marks appear on Liberty's...
665The Collectors' Auction 2013 on 10/18/2013$700.00
1917 Type 1 PCGS MS-65.
7070 Collection. Type-1 quarters generally elicit a gem grade when bright white, but the strangely compelling olive-drab toning that completely envelopes this one did not preclude PCGS from sensibly...
771The Midwest Summer Sale on 07/26/2013$475.00
1917 Type 1, 1917-D Type 1, and a 1930 AU.
Strong luster and conspicuous details should earn an AU grade for each member of this trio of Standing Liberty quarters. Dates include: 1917 type-1 (dusky toning with mulberry nuances), 1917-D type-1...
772The Midwest Summer Sale on 07/26/2013$500.00
1917 Type 1, and a 1930, both PCGS MS-63FH.
Classic Mustang Collection. The 1917 type-1 has way too much brilliance and shining luster to be stuck in just an MS-63 holder, so expect this one to be busted out right away for upgrade. 1930 also...
773The Midwest Summer Sale on 07/26/2013$425.00
1917 Type 1. PCGS MS-64FH.
Anyone will be able to tell that the quality is every bit of MS-66, from the blazing, aggressive luster to the exquisite sharpness that includes a no-question full-head. So why put the coin into an...
774The Midwest Summer Sale on 07/26/2013$550.00
1917 Type 1. NGC MS-64 FH.
Mike Wrinkle Collection. Phenomenally well struck, Liberty shows every smidgeon of detail expected of the "full head" designation, plus a razor-sharp indentation at her belly button, indicating a...
775The Midwest Summer Sale on 07/26/2013$725.00
1917 Type 1. NGC MS-65 FH.
Steam-grey patina occupies the entire surface and speaks to un-dipped quality, with a thin streak of grey thrust up against the obverse rim at 2:00. The full-head designation could not be more apt,...
543The Collectors' Auction 2012 on 10/05/2012$330.00
1917 Type 1. AU-55 FH.
That Liberty's head was fully struck can't be disputed, given the bold definition of her facial features, as well as the strongly delineated curls. The eagle displays all his breast feathers and no...
544The Collectors' Auction 2012 on 10/05/2012$450.00
1917 Type 1. NGC MS-64 FH.
Extremely sharp details include a full head and perfectly defined shield details. But where's the beef? Amazing luster penetrates the fields and bathes the device in sparkling white luminosity, but...
541The Midwest Summer Sale 2012 on 07/27/2012$425.00
1917 Type 1. NGC MS-64 FH.
Stainless-steel white with frothy luster and shimmering luster that has just begun to show evidence of orange-peel effect. This could indicate a later die-state, yet the usual pinpoint-accurate...
542The Midwest Summer Sale 2012 on 07/27/2012$850.00
1917 Type 1. NGC MS-65 FH.
An astounding, deep, ultra-thick pile of rich, gorgeous patina offers the ultimate in truly no-question, vintage appearance. For a collector who enjoys supreme original quality, the eye-appeal is off...
647The Midwest Summer Sale 2011 on 07/29/2011$700.00
1917 Type 1 AU, 1917-D Type 1 AU, and a 1917-S Type 2 AU.
Each coin is at the upper end of AU, falling within AU-55/58 consideration in each case, with no problems. Included are 1917 type-1 with a yellowish cast and full head detail, 1917-D type-with mostly...
648The Midwest Summer Sale 2011 on 07/29/2011$710.00
1917 TYPE 1. NGC MS-65 FH.
Deeply struck, with very nearly fully delineated design elements, with just a couple of breast feathers lacking truly complete sharpness. Luster on the obverse is superior to that of the reverse, but...
649The Midwest Summer Sale 2011 on 07/29/2011$800.00
1917 TYPE 1. NGC MS-65 FH.
Subtle hints of beige toning visit areas of the lively, quicksilver surfaces, mostly in protected areas close to the devices. Full head details are the norm for early 1917 quarters, and there is no...
650The Midwest Summer Sale 2011 on 07/29/2011$1,300.00
1917 Type 1. PCGS MS-66FH.
Sharpness is drop-dead gorgeous, with every conceivable design feature brought up in exhilarating relief. Every single rivet pops up from the surface as if it had been carefully dropped into position...
405The Collectors' Auction 2010 on 10/15/2010$280.00
1917 Type 1. NGC UNC Details/improperly cleaned.
Foolishly cleaned, because the astounding pinpoint strike was one for the ages, displaying every possible facial detail in incredibly sculpted high relief, and the inner shield lines are about as...
406The Collectors' Auction 2010 on 10/15/2010$370.00
1917 Type 1. ANACS MS-63 FH.
Amazingly sharp, even for a type-1 representative, with blatantly obvious full-head detail and virtually full-shield details as well. So sharp is the strike that the fields reveal a plethora of...
407The Collectors' Auction 2010 on 10/15/2010$475.00
1917 Type 1. PCGS MS-64FH.
Full head details seem to be the norm for the 1917 type-1 coins, with strong definition seen here throughout both sides, and missing absolute sharpness only at the center of the shield. A touch of...
408The Collectors' Auction 2010 on 10/15/2010$380.00
1917 Type 1. NGC MS-64 FH.
Platinum-grey patina thoroughly dominates the obverse and even pervades across the reverse, yielding to lovely tobacco-gold toning at the periphery. When talking of the 1917 type-1 quarter, one talks...
409The Collectors' Auction 2010 on 10/15/2010$900.00
1917 Type 1. NGC MS-65 FH.
Risk and reward are a common part of life, and sometimes it pays to take a risk in purchasing premium coins, and to resubmit nicer examples for potential upgrade at the grading services. And then...
498The Midwest Summer Sale 2010 on 07/23/2010$525.00
1917 Type 1. PCGS MS-64FH.
Collectors become accustomed to seeing a "full head" designation on any type-1 Standing Liberty quarter, since they were almost always struck very well, and this one does not disappoint. Surfaces are...
499The Midwest Summer Sale 2010 on 07/23/2010$800.00
1917 Type 1. ANACS MS-65 FH.
The strong strike usually seen for a type-1 quarter is noticeably present, right down to the fully separated horizontal lines in the shield, and the eagle's sharply defined breast feathers. Even...
340The Collectors' Auction 2009 on 10/16/2009$190.00
1917 Type 1. AU FH.
Platinum-tan patina has settled delicately over those areas where a touch of friction ascribes to the briefest touch of circulation. As usual for the issue, the strike is needle sharp, and there can...
659The Midwest Summer Sale on 07/24/2009$1,950.00
Two 1917 Type 1. PCGS MS-65FH.
It is likely that the 1917 type-1 Standing Liberty quarter is the most common "full head" coin in the series, and in fact, it may have been struck with full head details more often than not. At hand...
660The Midwest Summer Sale on 07/24/2009$1,750.00
1917 Type 1. NGC MS-66 FH.
Thoroughly hammered and fully detailed even at the extreme recesses of the rims and at the center of the shield. Every single feather on the eagle's breast can be discerned without a glass. Only a...
646The Midwest Winter Sale 2009 on 02/13/2009$310.00
1917 Type 1. NGC MS-64 FH.
Falling just shy of being 100% fully struck, the full head details are nonetheless sharp, as they seemingly always are for the "type 1" coins. Pewter-grey patina softens the luster and a smattering...
647The Midwest Winter Sale 2009 on 02/13/2009$1,100.00
1917 Type 1. PCGS MS-65FH.
Few series possess as reliable a type coin as the Standing Liberty quarters do in the 1917 type 1. It is likely that a large majority were struck with full head details, and this one is about as...
456The Collectors' Auction 2008 on 10/17/2008$575.00
1917 Type 1. ANACS MS-64 FH.
Technically, a grade of MS-65 FH might not be outrageous, but the luster is a little subdued by the yellow-tan patina. Some mottling of additional colors is apparent around the margins.
457The Collectors' Auction 2008 on 10/17/2008$600.00
1917 Type 1 MS-64 FH.
A fascinating halo of lavender tone encircles the obverse and vaguely halos part of the reverse, and this lovely effect combines with expansively sparkling mint luster to suggest a coin that borders...
556The Midwest Winter Sale 2008 on 02/08/2008$305.00
1917 Type 1 Standing Liberty quarter, PCGS MS-63
Our consignor has explained that he submitted this coin with expectation of a much higher grade and a "full head" designation, but neither wish was granted. Extraordinarily mark free for the grade,...
557The Midwest Winter Sale 2008 on 02/08/2008$1,050.00
1917 'Type 1' Standing Liberty quarter, NGC MS-65 FH
There is no question as to the gem quality of this luminous quarter. Pleasing, smooth luster is gracefully emitted from the virtually pristine surfaces, and the entire coin is lightly bathed in...
488The Collectors' Auction 2007 on 10/19/2007$300.00
1917 Type 1. MS-64 FH.
An excellent strike establishes fantastic detail throughout the entirety of this flashy, twinkling Type 1 Standing Liberty quarter, and easily qualifies for a full-head designation. Flatness only at...
529The Midwest Summer Sale 2007 on 07/27/2007$270.00
1917 Type 1. MS-63.
A solid MS-63 coin with genuine aspirations to a higher grade. Attractive steel gray patina covers 100% of the coin, and it also has nearly "Full Head" detail.
530The Midwest Summer Sale 2007 on 07/27/2007$650.00
1917 Type 1. MS-65 FH.
This second and final year Type 1 variety radiates an unsurpassed brilliance that is further embellished with stunning amber nuances. Contact ticks are widely dispersed, with one perceived on...
500The Midwest Winter Sale 2007 on 02/09/2007$575.00
1917 Type 1. NGC MS-64 FH.
Dark russet toning surround the devices on this superbly struck Quarter giving it a very pleasing antique look. Dripping luster and blazing white fields are the icing on the cake for this super tough...
1069The Collector's Auction on 10/20/2006$1,150.00
1917 Type 1. PCGS MS-65FH.
A gorgeous, delicate luster adorns this specimen's frosty surfaces. Exquisite splashes of mauve accent its heirloom aspect. Perhaps a random tick or two can be detected if using a glass on this...
1289The Midwest Summer Sale 2006 on 07/21/2006$525.00
1917 Type 1. MS-63+ FH.
Golden iridescence copiously adorns the satinlike surfaces of this prominently struck Full Head example. The devices are intensely detailed for this second year Type I example. No detracting marks...
545The Midwest Winter Sale on 02/17/2006$180.00
1917 Type 1. AU-58.
Great strike with plenty of luster remaining.
546The Midwest Winter Sale on 02/17/2006$340.00
1917 Type 1. ANACS MS-63 FH.
Rich golden patina adorns both the obverse and reverse of this fully struck Quarter. Mottled russet tones can be observed on the peripheries.
547The Midwest Winter Sale on 02/17/2006$145.00
1917 Type 1. MS-64.
This coin has MS-64+ detail and no distractions. It's toning is a bit questionable. If one could get this into an MS-64/65 holder, it would be a real score.
548The Midwest Winter Sale on 02/17/2006$260.00
1917 Type 1. SEGS MS-64 FH.
Here is a nice, bright Quarter that has a very strong strike and minimal distractions. There is a small toning fleck on the obverse, but it does not take away from the overall appearance.

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