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The Collectors' Auction - 2014
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Please Note: A 15% Buyers' Premium is added to the hammer price of all lots in this sale.

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1891-CC NGC MS-64. 1891-CC NGC MS-64.
Lot Title: 1891-CC NGC MS-64.
Description: Green Eggs and Ham Consignment. Utterly vibrant luster roams the fields and energizes the devices, ensuring very nice eye-appeal for this NON-spitting eagle 1891-CC. A delicate layer of butterscotch patina inhabits the surface and gathers intensity a bit at the rims, adding to the satisfactory, original appearance. Rather well struck with satin texture. (PCGS# 007206)
Low Estimate: $900.00
High Estimate: $1,300.00
Lot Status: Bidding has been closed for this lot.
Hammered Price: $1,400.00
Price Realized: $1,610.00
1891-CC NGC MS-64.
1891-CC NGC MS-64.

Price history for items of the same classification:
Lot #AuctionCurrent Bid or Hammer PriceDescription
904The Collectors' Auction - 2014 on 10/17/2014$240.00
1891-CC (VAM-3, TOP-100, Spitting Eagle) NGC Unc. details/improperly...
Checkered Collection. Though not quite harshly cleaned, one cannot miss the various hairlines and glossy texture. This actually appears to be a slightly circulated "slider", but NGC's "UNC details"...
905The Collectors' Auction - 2014 on 10/17/2014$450.00
1891-CC PCGS MS-62.
JRC Set. The appearance is much like that of dollars seen in old NGC no-line slabs, and one wonders whether it was crossed over to PCGS. Attractive copper-beige patina seizes hold of most of the...
906The Collectors' Auction - 2014 on 10/17/2014$504.00
1891-CC PCGS MS-63.
Checkered Collection. VAM-3, the usual "spitting eagle". Nearly blazing with white eye-appeal, some delicate eggshell-white haze attests to undipped preservation. Three reed marks appear on the end...
907The Collectors' Auction - 2014 on 10/17/2014$510.00
1891-CC NGC MS-63.
An issue notorious for bag marked and abraded examples, the NGC grade seems a little conservative for an example like this that suffers only a bare minimum of tiny contact abrasions on either side. ...
908The Collectors' Auction - 2014 on 10/17/2014$750.00
1891-CC Spitting Eagle (VAM-3) NGC MS-63.
Green Eggs and Ham Consignment. Relatively smooth on the cheek at MS-63 (for an 1891-CC), the obverse shows no major bagmarks at all, and only very delicate abrading within the obverse left field. ...
910The Collectors' Auction - 2014 on 10/17/2014$3,500.00
1891-CC PCGS MS-65.
Checkered Collection. Because it usually shows up bag marked and not-so-attractive, any 1891-CC at the PCGS MS-65 grade warrants a long, hard look. This non-spitting eagle gem flaunts sensational...
836The Midwest Summer Sale 2014 on 07/18/2014$625.00
1891-CC PCGS MS-63.
Bradford Pear Collection. Temptingly lustrous and well-defined, initial expectations might be for a better grade given the shimmering eye-appeal. That said, a thin veil of hazy greyish patina seems...
837The Midwest Summer Sale 2014 on 07/18/2014$1,100.00
1891-CC (VAM-3) PCGS MS-64.
Splendid alabaster-white surfaces bear out the classic fine matte texture often seen for later-struck examples of the date. Struck to utmost precision, 99.37% (according to Scotsman's patented...
917The Collectors' Auction 2013 on 10/18/2013$450.00
1891-CC (VAM-3) ANACS MS-62.
Perfectly graded, with pearl-white luster and a reasonable nice strike for 1891-CC. For that matter, this Carson City actually shows fewer significant abrasions than usual for the grade, but a number...
918The Collectors' Auction 2013 on 10/18/2013$875.00
1891-CC (VAM-3, Top 100) spitting eagle. NGC MS-64.
Steam-white overall with very fine, consistent mint frost that lends well to pleasing cartwheel luster. Faint apricot toning touches the left edge of the reverse.
1004The Midwest Summer Sale on 07/26/2013$625.00
1891-CC PCGS MS-61 (green label).
Admittedly, the obverse displays its fair share of small abrasions, though the reverse offers a very clean appearance and could grade MS-64 all by itself. Exceptionally well struck, both sides...
1005The Midwest Summer Sale on 07/26/2013$2,200.00
1891-CC (VAM-3, Spitting Eagle) GSA MS-62.
Box and certificate included. That is important because the 1891-CC is hands-down one of the toughest GSA dollars to find still in its original government holder; many have been smashed out and...
792The Collectors' Auction 2012 on 10/05/2012$300.00
1891-CC, and an 1883-S, both AU.
Album-ready dollars pair up in this AU lot, with both displaying strong luster and only light wear. 1883-S displays fine brilliance and nearly an UNC appearance, while 1891-CC features pale...
793The Collectors' Auction 2012 on 10/05/2012$1,850.00
1891-CC GSA MS-63 with box and certificate.
The Knob Lick GSA Collection. VAM-3 "spitting eagle", which collectors recognize as actually being the most common variety for 1891-CC. The scarcity of the coin in a GSA holder is also well known,...
719The Midwest Summer Sale 2012 on 07/27/2012$525.00
1891-CC PCGS MS-63.
The obverse already features strong quality for MS-63, with reverberating luster and terrific sharpness, and one might easily guess that this is a blast-white coin judging by this side only. Flip the...
720The Midwest Summer Sale 2012 on 07/27/2012$775.00
1891-CC (VAM-3) "Spitting Eagle" PCGS MS-64.
Supreme brilliance dominates the obverse, as sprawling beams of cotton-white luster shine everywhere and spill over to the illuminate the reverse. On this latter side, a couple of minor grey flecks...
785The Collectors' Auction 2011 on 10/21/2011$525.00
1891-CC PCGS MS-63.
The obverse is substantially prooflike, with the reverse much less so, and such a coin might earn a "star" if in an NGC holder. Off-white patina touches each side, interrupted by a series of tiny...
786The Collectors' Auction 2011 on 10/21/2011$825.00
1891-CC PCGS MS-64.
Almond-gold patina disperses nicely about the obverse, edged in areas of the peripheral details with appealing amber-gold tone. The reverse is tinged in platinum-grey with a hint of magenta...
787The Collectors' Auction 2011 on 10/21/2011$3,300.00
1891-CC PCGS MS-65.
As a hoard coin, it's no surprise that PCGS has put at least 500 1891-CC dollars into MS-65 holders, but it is unexpected that only 28 have ever bettered that grade. A mere touch of tan patina...
900The Midwest Summer Sale 2011 on 07/29/2011$775.00
1891-CC (VAM-3) "spitting eagle" PCGS MS-64.
VAM-3, the "spitting eagle", is common yet remains exceedingly popular because of the possibility of "eyeball attribution". This example is dominated by smoky almond-gold patina that is a quarter...
685The Collectors' Auction 2010 on 10/15/2010$400.00
1891-CC (VAM-3, Spitting Eagle, Top 100) ANACS MS-63.
The "spitting eagle", always a popular VAM, and this is a nicer example, perhaps a touch better than the assigned MS-63 grade. Vibrant luster ensures the eye-appeal, and amber-gold tone gently licks...
686The Collectors' Auction 2010 on 10/15/2010$1,350.00
1891-CC GSA MS-63.
The usual "spitting eagle" found in GSA holders, this one grades fully MS-63 with a premium reverse, although the slab is distorted in the viewing area. A fully brilliant and untoned example of the...
687The Collectors' Auction 2010 on 10/15/2010$775.00
1891-CC (VAM-3) "spitting eagle" PCGS MS-64.
The familiar "spitting eagle", which seems to have been one of the preeminent 1891-CC varieties in the GSA hoard. This MS-64 may well owe its existence and excellent condition to preservation in that...
810The Midwest Summer Sale 2010 on 07/23/2010$1,400.00
1891-CC GSA NGC MS-60.
Considerable abrasion of each side leaves no doubt that this GSA dollar will be relegated to the lowest end of the mint-state scale (it is graded NGC MS-60), and a mediocre strike doesn't help much....
811The Midwest Summer Sale 2010 on 07/23/2010$1,300.00
1891-CC (VAM-3, spitting eagle) GSA MS-62.
1891-CC is either the second or (more likely) third scarcest Carson City dollar found in GSA slabs, and worth a large premium over non-GSA examples. This one comes with the original box, but...
812The Midwest Summer Sale 2010 on 07/23/2010$950.00
1891-CC (VAM-3 Spitting Eagle, Top 100) NGC MS-64.
A steam-white mint-state coin that seems closer to the gem grade than not, a few tiny, trivial handling marks and a mundane strike must be all that prevented upgrade consideration. That being...
616The Midwest Winter Sale on 02/12/2010$550.00
1891-CC PCGS MS-63.
First inspection could almost lead to conclusion that this is a conservatively graded coin, but closer inspection reveals a couple of extra blemishes on the eagle's breast and in the right reverse...
617The Midwest Winter Sale on 02/12/2010$925.00
1891-CC NGC MS-64.
Die striations are occasionally seen for 1891-CC, and are just barely noticeable across lower cheek and above her ear for this example. Steam-grey surfaces display considerable mint frost, with the...
631The Collectors' Auction 2009 on 10/16/2009$1,500.00
1891-CC GSA NGC MS-62.
NGC population reports show that [283] 1891-CC VAM-3 Morgan dollars in GSA holders have been certified, with [122] in MS-63, [62] in MS-63, and only [3] in MS-64, and none attaining a gem grade! ...
632The Collectors' Auction 2009 on 10/16/2009$800.00
1891-CC PCGS MS-64.
An astonishing but rather erratic array of denim-blue, tobacco-gold and navy-teal color mottles the reverse and invokes a thoroughly singular appearance for that side. The same array of colors...
993The Midwest Summer Sale on 07/24/2009$450.00
1891-CC PCGS Genuine.
PCGS coded this no-grade coin with a "94", indicating "altered surface", but actually, the coin suffers more prominently from a cleaning, and mostly on the obverse. Fairly obvious horizontal...
994The Midwest Summer Sale on 07/24/2009$400.00
1891-CC Vam-3 "spitting eagle" MS-63 PL/cleaned.
From many viewing angles, this appears to be a very choice prooflike 1891-CC, but minimal further rotation beneath a lamp causes numerous hairlines to command attention. Moderately well struck and...
784The Midwest Winter Sale 2009 on 02/13/2009$875.00
1891-CC Vam-3 "spitting eagle" PCGS MS-64.
PCGS failed to indicate either "VAM-3" or "spitting eagle" on the slab insert, but no magnification is required to immediately identify the die chip under the eagle's beak that confers the appellation...
700The Collectors' Auction 2008 on 10/17/2008$1,750.00
1891-CC and 1892-CC Morgan dollars.
An uncertified pair of Carson City Morgan dollars that are somewhat different in appearance due to toning. The 1891-CC is moderately toned and grades MS-62, while 1892-CC grades MS-64 and provides...
701The Collectors' Auction 2008 on 10/17/2008$475.00
1891-CC PCGS MS-63.
Although one would hardly call this coin "bagmarked", there is no denying that the obverse displays myriad microscopic luster grazes that affect mostly the left field. The reverse is clean. A white,...
702The Collectors' Auction 2008 on 10/17/2008$900.00
1891-CC PCGS MS-64.
VAM-3 is a popular Top 100 variety due to the ease with which the die-chip below the eagle's beak identifies the "spitting eagle". This coin is fully brilliant, touched gently on the rims with hints...
703The Collectors' Auction 2008 on 10/17/2008$3,200.00
1891-CC PCGS MS-65.
For the grade, this is an unusually clean, white coin that likely has claims to a higher grade. The strike is good, but by no means full, yet there are no marks or hairlines to detract, and Liberty's...
710The Midwest Winter Sale 2008 on 02/08/2008$2,000.00
1891-CC Morgan dollar, NGC MS-63 DMPL
It has been suggested that chemical content in the labels of the old "no line" NGC holders could occasionally induce the encapsulated coin to tone, and such may be the case here. This gorgeous,...
711The Midwest Winter Sale 2008 on 02/08/2008$3,000.00
1891-CC Morgan dollar, PCGS MS-65
Crystal clear mint luster lavishes this Morgan dollar with shimmering, silvery brilliance. Cottony white with literally no toning whatsoever. From the "MWB" collection.
812The Collectors' Auction 2007 on 10/19/2007$525.00
1891-CC MS-63.
Though not generally an easy coin to find well struck, the central details of this tougher Morgan dollar are surprisingly distinct. Mild luster grazes on the cheek do influence the grade to some...
813The Collectors' Auction 2007 on 10/19/2007$500.00
1891-CC PCGS MS-63.
Few if any disturbances appear on the reverse, and that benefit perhaps overcomes an obverse that is just a mite more chattery than is typical for a Choice grade. Untoned and gleaming with...
814The Collectors' Auction 2007 on 10/19/2007$850.00
1891-CC PCGS MS-64.
A faint hue of amber color gently kisses the entirety of both rims, but this Morgan faces up as a generally bright, brilliant coin. A bit of striking weakness shows up above Liberty’s ear. VAM...
812The Midwest Summer Sale 2007 on 07/27/2007$180.00
1891-CC NGC AU-55.
This glistening, lightly circulated Carson City example is trivially marked and sharply struck.
813The Midwest Summer Sale 2007 on 07/27/2007$200.00
1891-CC VAM-3, "Spitting Eagle." AU-58.
A vibrant, naturally toned example that is listed in the directory for the Top 100 VAM Varieties. This specimen has a few delicate scuffs and minuscule contact ticks. Even though it has traces of...
814The Midwest Summer Sale 2007 on 07/27/2007$690.00
1891-CC PCGS MS-63.
Encapsulated in an older-style PCGS holder which omits the attribution, "VAM-3." This is the eagerly sought-after "Spitting Eagle" variety that is in the Top 100 listing. Its frosty motifs are...
815The Midwest Summer Sale 2007 on 07/27/2007$1,300.00
1891-CC GSA MS-63.
Intensely lustrous example that projects a glittering surface quality. Widely dispersed contact marks and delicate scuffs are congruent for its assigned grade. The design elements are distinct and...
816The Midwest Summer Sale 2007 on 07/27/2007$450.00
1891-CC VAM-3. PCGS MS-63.
Although it is not designated on its label, this is the popular VAM-3 variety that is conferred the title of "Spitting Eagle," for the die gouge seen in front of the eagle's beak. Its surfaces have a...
829The Midwest Winter Sale 2007 on 02/09/2007$190.00
1891-CC Spitting Eagle Variety. AU-58.
Everyone who collects varieties loves this coin. It is a solid AU that has nice luster and minimal marks. There are a few marks on the obverse worth mentioning. I guess this Eagle didn't like the...
830The Midwest Winter Sale 2007 on 02/09/2007$475.00
Two 1891-CC AU-58.
Included in this lot is the very popular and super hard to find 1891-CC Spitting Eagle Variety Morgan Silver Dollar. There is also a regular 1891-CC, so you can see what they are suppose to look...
831The Midwest Winter Sale 2007 on 02/09/2007$230.00
1891-CC Spitting Eagle. MS-60+.
This is a blast white dollar that has the extra piece of metal by the Eagle's beak giving the illusion that the Eagle is spitting. There are minimal marks and no distractions.
832The Midwest Winter Sale 2007 on 02/09/2007$550.00
1891-CC MS-63.
A resplendent satinlike appearance is ascribed to this eagerly sought after issue. A charming visual aspect is projected by its vibrant satiny brilliance this is further augmented by elegant...
833The Midwest Winter Sale 2007 on 02/09/2007$550.00
1891-CC NGC MS-63.
Accented by luxurious crimson toning that is deeper at its peripheries, then fading to a delicate blush towards the centers. Encapsulated in an older style holder, it projects a Premium Quality...
701The Collector's Auction on 10/20/2006$500.00
1891-CC MS-62.
This bright white Carson City issue has minimal marks for the grade and no distractions. There is not one hint of toning on this well-struck dollar.
702The Collector's Auction on 10/20/2006$1,500.00
1891-CC GSA MS-62.
How often do you see the original GSA card for an 1892-CC? The card is worth almost as much as the coin. Anyway, the coin has bright white surfaces and a good strike. The obverse is a bit baggy,...
703The Collector's Auction on 10/20/2006$350.00
1891-CC PCGS MS-62.
This example's glistening surfaces are enlivened by a delicate golden tinge. The several insignificant ticks and delicate scuffs are evidenced at this grade level. Prominently struck on the obverse...
704The Collector's Auction on 10/20/2006$550.00
1891-CC NGC MS-63.
This enticing specimen is an example of the popular "Spitting Eagle" variety for this date, designated as VAM-3. It is part of the "Top 100 VAM Varieties" listing. Its creamy satinlike surfaces are...
880The Midwest Summer Sale 2006 on 07/21/2006$360.00
1891-CC NGC MS-62.
The delicate surfaces have a hint of a gold blush. Faint hairlines and minuscule ticks are observed with a glass. There is a slight softness of detailing over Liberty's ear, with the balance of the...
825The Midwest Winter Sale on 02/17/2006$550.00
1891-CC NGC MS-63.
This alluring example of this VAM-3 Spitting Eagle variety is included in the "Top 100 VAM Varieties" list. Its brilliant and satinlike surfaces are accentuated with golden peripheral toning. The...
826The Midwest Winter Sale on 02/17/2006$0.00
1891-CC SEGS MS-64.
This popular Carson City issue is blazing white and full of luster. There are no distractions and it is fully struck. There are a few ticks on the cheek, but they are not to bad.
827The Midwest Winter Sale on 02/17/2006$0.00
1891-CC PCGS MS-64 PL.
A magnificently handsome example of this favorite Carson City Dollar issue. Its frosted devices are splendidly contrasted by its reflective fields. A bit too many contact ticks for the Gem category,...

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