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The Collectors' Auction - 2014
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Please Note: A 15% Buyers' Premium is added to the hammer price of all lots in this sale.

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1870-CC PCGS AU details/code 92. 1870-CC PCGS AU details/code 92.
Lot Title: 1870-CC PCGS AU details/code 92.
Description: JRC Set. The cleaning shows plainly, though we luckily have PCGS to thank for emphasizing that fact on the slab. Hmph. Each side displays gunmetal-grey patina with hints of darker bluish undertones nearer the rim, and the general appearance is that of a slightly semi-prooflike piece. A cluster of small contact points scatter into the obverse left and right fields, while the reverse seems to accommodate only a very few small reed marks. Boldly detailed, but obviously a Carson City dollar with basically no original surface quality. (PCGS# 006964)
Low Estimate: $4,500.00
High Estimate: $5,000.00
Lot Status: Bidding has been closed for this lot.
Hammered Price: $4,800.00
Price Realized: -
1870-CC PCGS AU details/code 92.
1870-CC PCGS AU details/code 92.

Price history for items of the same classification:
Lot #AuctionCurrent Bid or Hammer PriceDescription
726The Midwest Summer Sale 2014 on 07/18/2014$1,800.00
1870-CC NGC XF details/rim damage.
Mintage: 12,462. The consignor has explained (though we could not verify) that this was once a PCGS AU-50 silver dollar that he wanted to cross to his preferred grading service. Much to his horror,...
904The Midwest Summer Sale on 07/26/2013$5,000.00
1870-CC ICG AU-50.
Natural Classic's Collection, Mintage: 12,642. With solid details for the grade, the reverse shows hardly any loss of sharpness to wear at all, as each feather remains practically as sharp as when...
629The Collectors' Auction 2012 on 10/05/2012$7,250.00
1870-CC NGC UNC details/obverse graffiti.
Mintage: 12,462. Without question, initial inspection of just the coin itself (without seeing the NGC grade) will lead most to think of "choice BU" at first glance. Frosty blueberry-grey toning...
579The Collectors' Auction 2010 on 10/15/2010$625.00
1870-CC XF, cleaned/repaired.
Extensive alteration of the surface suggests that a hole may have been plugged near the date, but any such work was done with exceptional skill. Nonetheless, the sooty ashy surface could never pass...
550The Midwest Winter Sale on 02/12/2010$2,250.00
1870-CC PCGS Genuine.
Dense hairlines prevail across each side, thoroughly suppressing any possibility of original mint luster remaining. This is most unfortunate, since definition implies about-uncirculated...
513The Collectors' Auction 2009 on 10/16/2009$900.00
1870-CC XF/heavy cleaning.
Stark graphite-grey due to an old cleaning, some retoning has resulted in interesting contrast between the central devices and the fields. LIBERTY is incomplete at the center, leading to a details...
845The Midwest Summer Sale on 07/24/2009$625.00
1870-CC F.
1870-CC is a somewhat tougher date in the seated dollar series, becoming a thousand dollar coin in VF grades, and rising rapidly in value beyond that. For the collector wishing to save money for...
722The Midwest Winter Sale 2009 on 02/13/2009$1,100.00
1870-CC XF/cleaned/tooled.
Graffiti on the obverse near the fifth star and in the right obverse field have been tooled away, as have some scratches above the eagle's shoulders. Though subsequently cleaned, some patina has been...
555The Collectors' Auction 2008 on 10/17/2008$1,300.00
1870-CC XF, cleaned.
Over zealous effort to dip this coin to the point of appearing mint state has resulted in the removal of virtually every particle of mint luster, and produced a glistening effect that is unnaturally...
556The Collectors' Auction 2008 on 10/17/2008$1,500.00
1870-CC XF, very lightly cleaned.
1870-CC holds a special place in the heart of many Carson City collectors, as it represents the first silver dollar emission (of 12, 462 pieces) from that fabled mint. The present coin is sharply...
680The Collectors' Auction 2007 on 10/19/2007$950.00
1870-CC VF-35+.
This specimen is an example from the first 12,462 silver dollars coined at the romanticized Carson City branch Mint. It exhibits moderate circulation with minute contact ticks randomly sprinkled on...
669The Midwest Winter Sale on 02/17/2006$550.00
1870-CC SEGS XF-40.
This specimen is from the first year of production from the celebrated Carson City Branch Mint and total output was recorded at 12,462. Although the SEGS label for this encapsulation states "RETOOLED...

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